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Synonyms for opportunism

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Synonyms for opportunism

taking advantage of opportunities without regard for the consequences for others

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(85.) Law firm associates, for instance, almost always work pursuant to "at will" contracts, thus suggesting that contractual protection against opportunism is not practicable.
Number one, it is not an act of opportunism, but a realisation that they must move forward towards integrity, clean government and good governance, and secondly, they are not guilty of any corruption or crimes,' Lim said, when asked if DAP would also open its doors to Umno members.
If South Sudan had the same political opportunism, hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved.
Political opportunism which made Theresa May pledge to defend workers' rights - having voted at least seven times against doing just that.
License Interaction, Opportunism, and the Modularity Framework
The hairstylist's comments remind me of the term 'Gender Opportunism,' a typical behaviour seen in some individuals who try to target a specific gender to make the most of the situation.
In particular, we assess differences with regard to opportunism and relationship continuance--two important outcome variables that have been studied at length in the buyer-supplier relationship literature (Conner & Prahalad, 1996; Morgan & Hunt, 1994; Sako & Helper, 1995).
THE Congress on Monday described the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and separatist- turned- mainstream leader Sajjad Gani Lone as " worst kind of political opportunism." Speaking to M AIL T ODAY , Congress spokesman Salman Anees Soz, said: " BJP is doing worst kind of political opportunism in pursuit of its mission- 44 in Jammu and Kashmir.
Politicians are so good at exposing each other's opportunism. Coun Gary Crookes quite correctly points out the mendacity and dishonesty of the council's Labour group over the decision to allow development on Coventry's green belt land in order to meet housing demands.
Political opportunism is actually influencing the state of affairs in one's favour by hook or by crook at any cost for political prestige, power, support and seizure keeping aside the gospels and principles.
[W]e cannot mistake Putin's opportunism for genuine conservative values.
Dishonourable behaviour or just healthy 2013 opportunism?
This is a dangerous and unacceptable matter in and of itself, and points to an internal dictatorial course, political opportunism at the expense of Egypt's national interests, or destructive improvisation and ignorance of Egypt's role and of the view it has historically held of its own role in the worst of cases.
The law in Nazi Germany; ideology, opportunism, and the perversion of justice.
In one important section, he distinguishes three "degrees" of "opportunism" (pp.