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timely convenience

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As they produced discourses justifying the opportuneness of the contraceptive pill, they garnered legitimacy to assume the role of experts in the management of these medications and as authorized voices on the issues of producing clinical guidelines and legal regulations--as experts, they claimed a monopoly on prescribing and controlling their use.
The ten questions the Commission put to member states, legal practitioners and NGOs include the opportuneness of adopting minimum regulation in the EU on the duration of pre-trial detention, as well as on alternative solutions for minors, and on the promotion of the control of detention conditions in states.
In the face of these events, the entourage of the Elysee was divided on the opportuneness of the Romanian visit.
They supported the principle that Jews had the right to settle where they wanted in Israel but were undecided about the opportuneness of invoking that right when the Arab world was reeling from its defeat.
I trust that as you reflect on the above observations, and on the opportuneness of the hour, when so many of our young people experience a religious reawakening and a desire to return to our Torah and traditions, yet they are confused and held back by the misconceived doubts and conflicts mentioned earlier, you will respond to the urgent need of bringing some clarity and light into those confused minds, a task for which your position eminently qualifies you.
Morax] immediately took a keen interest in the Congress, grasping right away my half-voiced thoughts and the profound reasons for its Olympic, and even Swiss, opportuneness (Coubertin, 1936/1979, p.