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at an opportune time

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Speaking to members of the Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI) on Thursday, he termed the amnesty scheme a unique opportunely for non-filers to declare their hidden assests.
Opportunely, Bajaj Finance's Fixed Deposits are 100 per cent safe and secure and have been awarded ICRA's MAAA (Stable) Rating and CRISIL's FAAA/Stable Rating, making it extremely safe.
In each test point, the injected fuel quantity and the start of injection (SoI) were opportunely calibrated in order to achieve the maximum load till one of the constraints in terms of [T.sub.exh] or pfp was reached.
Publishers opportunely ignored the fact that 57% of the authors who had already published in open access considered it the best option to "make knowledge available to everyone" and "to make articles more widely known", and believed that "open articles generate more citations" (29).
This pain drives her outside in the middle of the night, and her lover is opportunely waiting.
The time required to cook raw meat and then serve will continue to opportunely aid the growth in demand for fresh processed meat products.