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Synonyms for opportune

Synonyms for opportune

occurring at a fitting or advantageous time

Antonyms for opportune

suitable or at a time that is suitable or advantageous especially for a particular purpose

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An opportune belt of shrubs that ran from the gate adjoining the road to a point not far from the house gave him just the cover he needed.
His more tempered appetite was already satisfied, and he faced the new comer with a look of cordiality, that plainly evinced how very opportune he considered his arrival.
But this heretical doctrine was strongly opposed by the other three, who quoted a great many precedents to show that bad weather was the very time for such appearances; and Mr Parkes (who had had a ghost in his family, by the mother's side) argued the matter with so much ingenuity and force of illustration, that John was only saved from having to retract his opinion by the opportune appearance of supper, to which they applied themselves with a dreadful relish.
The stare of indignant wonder with which Young Barnacle accompanied this disclosure, would have strained his eyes injuriously but for the opportune relief of dinner.
This arrives in an extraordinarily opportune manner,' says Mortimer then, looking with an altered face round the table: 'this is the conclusion of the story of the identical man.
engaged Opportune LLP, to assist the company in its financial
6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Endeavour International Corporation (NYSE: END) (LSE: ENDV) today announced that the Company has engaged Opportune LLP, to assist the company in its financial restructuring process.
HOME BENEATH THE WAVES: Landlubber Stan Thompson often opened his home to officers from the submarine HMS Opportune when they were visiting Teesside, so naturally when they were in port in September 1966 they invited Stan back to their place.
More than three out of four builders are offering substantial sales incentives to move their product and limit cancellations, and this aggressive strategy is working--making this an opportune time for home buyers to enter the market," said NAHB president David Pressly, a home builder from Statesville, N.
Inclusive of in-depth analysis with years of experience in the urban planning, with an excellent selection of design strategies for opportune placement of plant life for the essential betterment of the environment.
The tongue-in-cheek book will help you negotiate anything from a million-dollar deal to a better seat on an airplane--even Microsoft boss Bill Gates and Disney's Michael Eisner have been known to throw a fit at an opportune time.
Perhaps it would be opportune to have an article of explanation?
But when and if the high-speed train construction begins, it must be incorporated into the comprehensive Greater Los Angeles Transportation Plan with sensible connections and the most opportune route.
SIR: With the editorship of 'the world's most prestigious and respected international architectural magazine' about to change--and with Graham Morrison's recent and timely criticism of 'icon architecture' (opening speech at the AJ/Bovis Awards, reported in The Architects' Journal of 8 July 2004)--perhaps it is an opportune moment to review the way buildings in your magazine are photographed.
A real track specialist for punters to focus on is Opportune in the Email warwick@rht.