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nocturnal arboreal marsupial having a naked prehensile tail found from southern North America to northern South America

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But this word is used to describe all infant marsupials--from koalas to opossums.
Opossums must ingest birds that contain Sarcocystis cysts in the muscle to perpetuate the parasite's life cycle.
Short-tailed opossums are recent arrivals to the pet market, although they have been used extensively as laboratory animals for many years.
"Every other week, there would be something in there, such as gophers, rats and opossums," he says.
Now the opossum stands out as one of the few animals that has never done me any harm in any way.
As photogenic and as lovable as opossums look, they are neither native to B.C.
felis has been associated with opossums and their fleas in Texas and California.
There are now, for example, striped skunks living near Churchill, Manitoba, and opossums (yes, opossums!) in northwestern Minnesota.
Wide-bodied animals such as pines, raccoons, opossums, and beavers are pacers, producing a waddling gate when walking.
However, the change in response topography for S2 and for Cone and Cone's (1970) opossums, from using their mouths to using their paws to operate the key, suggests that a key designed to be operated with a paw may work just as well or even better than the present manipulandum.
* Opossum Pockets: What makes opossums really special?
Despite their prevalence along the entirety of the urban to rural gradient, opossums have never been studied within highly urban landscapes.
Unfortunately many opossums are killed or injured when crossing roads at urban perimeters or by suffering from dog and cat bites when attacked going into houses.