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an odorous gum resin formerly used in medicines

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Opopanax or bisabol myrrh (Commiphora erythraea) is the subject of the only good scientific tests on natural tick repellency that I can find.
minima [I.sup.+1] [I.sup.+1] Fritillaria elwesii (End.) [I.sup.+1] [I.sup.+1] Verbascum myriocarpum (End.) [I.sup.+1] Linum virgultarum [I.sup.+1] Muscari comosum [I.sup.+1] Valerianella discoidea [I.sup.+1] Opopanax hispidus [I.sup.+1] Smyrnium connatum [I.sup.+1] Michauxia campanuloides [I.sup.+1] Hyoscyamus aureus Rubus sanctus Hedera helix Plantago lanceolata [I.sup.+1] Communities No 3 4 The number of sample 21 18 areas(releves) Size of releves ([m.sup.2]) 128 128 Altitude (m) 450-1100 400-1062 Inclination (0) 20-50 5-60 Total coverage (%) 60-90 75-95 Parent rock (limestone=l) 1 1 Characteristic species of Crataegus monogyna-Pinus brutia community Pinus brutia [II.sup.11] Phlomis leucophracta (End.) [III.sup.+1-12] [III.sup.+1-11] Crataegus monogyna subsp.
Huysmans's tendency to picture women evaporated into fragrances is first seen when des Esseintes sprays his room with "une lEgere pluie d'essences humaines." Shooting mists of stephanotis, ayapana, and opopanax, he had filled the air with smells that he describes as "quasi-fElines, sentant la jupe," evoking women as "un fleur naturel de rires en sueur" (A rebours 223).
En ocasiones, estan asociados a Fraxinus angustifolia en arcedo-fresnedas, y la mayor de las veces estan acompanados por abundantes aligustres (Ligustrum vulgare) y hemicriptofitos nemorales como Opopanax chironium y Smirnium perfoliatum.