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southwestern Asian herb with greyish leaves and white or reddish flowers

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Astudillo Flores, who took office in October 2015, said the cartels, and not the communities, have control over the means of production, dictating the amounts of opium poppy to be planted but giving very little in return to the communities where the plantations are located.
Barely 8 km from the border, even children and youngsters collect white latex from the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) -- a mother product for producing heroin.
This yield decreased in all main opium poppy cultivating regions, led by the southern region, with a 45 per cent decrease, followed by the western region (20 percent) and the eastern region (8 percent).
"In past years, surges in opium poppy cultivation have been met by a coordinated response from the US government and coalition partners, which has led to a temporary decline in levels of opium production," Sopko said in a letter to the secretary of state, John Kerry, the defence secretary, Chuck Hagel, and other top US officials.
Morphine is a drug isolated from the opium poppy and can be transformed into heroin using a simple chemical reaction.
These remnants include bits of the opium poppy in the teeth of a male adult in a Neolithic site in Spain, charred Cannabis seeds in bowls found in Romania, traces of barley beer on several ceramic vessels recovered in Iberia, and abstract designs in the Italian Alps that depict the ritual use of hallucinogenic mushrooms.
6 Tidying my shed I found several bags containing seedheads of Papaver somniferum, the opium poppy. Some people look askance at the mention of such a plant, but it has been rife in our gardens for hundreds of years, making them more beautiful places in the process.
THE Afghan opium poppy harvest reached a record high this year sparking fears cheap heroin could make its way to Britain's streets.
Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan reached a record high this year as farmers seek to "insure" themselves ahead of NATO forces' withdrawal next year, the United Nations said Wednesday.
Opium poppy is widely grown on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, a region infamous for Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked strongholds.
"Our objective is to reduce opium poppy cultivation as much as we can." said Myint Thein, head of the Central Committee for Drug Abuse and Control, which controls the country's drug policy.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A UN report said opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has been increasing for a third year in a row and heading for a record high.
The study for production useful pharmaceuticals of defined structure from plants began with the isolation of morphine from dried latex, or opium, of the opium poppy Papaver somniferum in 1806 [2].
Mumbai In an anti-drug initiative, the police yesterday raided 80 hectares of agriculture land under opium poppy cultivation in two villages in Beed district and arrested eight farmers for growing the crop illegally.