opium den

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a building where opium is sold and used

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Advances in navigation, weaponry, communications, and overall battlespace awareness make the mission planning in the Opium Den seem prehistoric.
For instance, by 1896 twenty-two states and territories, including California, Georgia, New York, and Massachusetts, outlawed the keeping of an opium den for the purpose of smoking opium (Hamowy 1987, 13).
"There's a Chinese opium den feel to it," he adds, with lots of texture, many draped textiles and ornate Lincrusta wallpaper.
Not least by head surgeon Dr John Thackery (Clive Owen) who is a brilliant surgeon with a cocaine addiction and a predilection for visiting the local opium den. Dr Algernon Edwards (Andre Holland) is a Harvard-educated black man operating in a white world.
Past efforts include a Special-Ed bus, an opium den, a working butcher shop and even a tavern for midgets.
While the Colorado Symphony is mulling over the possibility of creating a parlor where concert attendees can smoke marijuana, Worcester music lovers could vicariously enjoy their own little opium den during the New Haven Symphony's performance of Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique at Mechanics Hall on Saturday evening under the auspices of Music Worcester.
After I decided to convert to Judaism, people started asking: "Are you going in the mikveh?" They spoke with raised eyebrows, their voices dropping into a whisper at the word, mikveh, as if it was an opium den.
Writing in the Observer yesterday, the chief constable said that "if the war on drugs means stopping every street corner turning into an opium den and discouraging the mass consumption of laudanum - as happened during the 19th century - then it has succeeded.
Opium--which prevents a satisfactory ending to The Mystery of Edwin Drood, due to the hesitation and ambiguity that drugged narrators like Wilkie Collins produce in the readers--is at the core of Simmons's and Pearl's narratives, in keeping with the plot of Dickens's last novel, which commences with the fantasies of John Jasper in an opium den:
At the most recent men's show for Courtney Love-adoring Mead ham Kirchoff, he layered so many floral prints on top of one another that models looked like they were in a '60s opium den. Josephs also put up-and-coming singer Twigs on the cover of i-D, wearing a Balenciaga sweatshirt and with her bangs twisted and greased to spell the word "Love" across her forehead.
Late last year, we put out our own single on Darkroom Dubs, called Alive From The Opium Den, to celebrate the 50th release and we do quite a few remixes and DJMix CDs on the label as well.
Revel into the night and celebrate new beginnings over unlimited spirits at Opium Den. New Year's Eve: Rs.
I'm planning to stick it up Fifa by not only wearing a poppy but also smoking one - I'll be watching the game in an opium den.
At the same time, he is hiding from his mother the fact that he is working at his uncle's opium den to make the money to pay for the nickelodeon's reopening.