opium addict

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someone addicted to opium

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The reason for decrease in parasympathetic tone in opium addicts could be due its interference to release of neurotransmitter at preganglionic parasympathetic efferent neurons and its peripheral anticholinergic effect.
"This has never been said before: Keats as an opium addict is new," he told The Guardian.
The only Lake District poet who might have been interested in the offer was opium addict Samuel Taylor Coleridge who wrote Kubla Khan's pleasure dome under the influence and had been a bit of a lad in his youth.
Earlier Wednesday, the head of the federal prosecutors' office, Harald Range, confirmed that an investigation had been launched and officers had conducted a house search in early November - right after the start of the US-driven tensions against Iran, when Washington officials alleged that Iran was using an opium addict to hire a sniper from the Mexican drug cartel, los Zetas, to kill a Saudi envoy, which was then followed by a US dictated report by the UN nuclear watchdog against Iran which lacked any substantive information to corroborate its allegations against Iran's nuclear program.
Professor Aziz Konukman said the economy was dependent on foreign capital like an opium addict. He said the growth rate would enter a declining trend in the second half of the year.
The pivotal figure is Deeti, a Bihari poppy farmer and widow of an opium addict, who was impregnated on her wedding night by her "leering, slack-jawed" brother-in-law and rescued from committing suttee on her husband's funeral pyre.
I worked in a bakery, a recording studio, I was unemployed for awhile; I worked in a 99-Cent Store where the owner was an opium addict.
If the wrapping is not made of a suitable material or if it is damaged or accidentally ingested, the patient may develop symptoms of opium overdose, regardless of whether the patient is an opium addict. Therefore, a high index of suspicion should also be maintained for the presence of a drug-containing foreign object in the nasal cavity of a nonaddict who experiences a drug overdose.
Gilfoyle (history, Loyola U., Chicago) profiles one of 19th-century New York's most significant criminals: George Appo, a pickpocket, confidence man, and opium addict who lived off his criminal activities during his teenage years and much of his adult life, and during the 1870s and 1880s would take as much in a single night as a skilled manual laborer earned in a year.
Meanwhile, Hopkins frequently turns the camera on himself and the crew as they negotiate with locals to get the film made, occasionally falling into dispute with them, for example when one local woman objects to the portrait of her father as an opium addict.
Dali's melting clocks may not exist outside an opium addict's fevered hallucination but they do grasp some underlying reality about a modern world that often seems senseless and disjointed.
Amy was cold-hearted, probably an opium addict and possibly a suicide.
In the original comic books on which LXG is based, Connery's character - legendary hunter Allan Quatermain - is an opium addict, but not in the film.
He was an opium addict at the time (his poem Kubla Khan always used to end with a comma since the poet was disturbed in full flight by 'the person from Porlock').