opium addict

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someone addicted to opium

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This has never been said before: Keats as an opium addict is new," he told The Guardian.
The pivotal figure is Deeti, a Bihari poppy farmer and widow of an opium addict, who was impregnated on her wedding night by her "leering, slack-jawed" brother-in-law and rescued from committing suttee on her husband's funeral pyre.
I worked in a bakery, a recording studio, I was unemployed for awhile; I worked in a 99-Cent Store where the owner was an opium addict.
If the wrapping is not made of a suitable material or if it is damaged or accidentally ingested, the patient may develop symptoms of opium overdose, regardless of whether the patient is an opium addict.
In July an opium addict asylum seeker who stabbed his wife 10 times in a frenzied attack was found hanged in his prison cell.
Chicago) profiles one of 19th-century New York's most significant criminals: George Appo, a pickpocket, confidence man, and opium addict who lived off his criminal activities during his teenage years and much of his adult life, and during the 1870s and 1880s would take as much in a single night as a skilled manual laborer earned in a year.
Meanwhile, Hopkins frequently turns the camera on himself and the crew as they negotiate with locals to get the film made, occasionally falling into dispute with them, for example when one local woman objects to the portrait of her father as an opium addict.
Amy was cold-hearted, probably an opium addict and possibly a suicide.
In the original comic books on which LXG is based, Connery's character - legendary hunter Allan Quatermain - is an opium addict, but not in the film.
He was an opium addict at the time (his poem Kubla Khan always used to end with a comma since the poet was disturbed in full flight by 'the person from Porlock').
IN TENNYSON: THE UNQUIET HEART, BIOGRAPHER ROBERT BERNARD MARTIN describes how Tennyson was haunted "from the time of his honeymoon until the end of his life" by the accusation that he was an opium addict.
Several men indicated that there is more violence in families with an opium addict where patience and negotiation is less likely to prevail.
Opium addict Pham Thi Ncoc had been convicted eight times in four years and received sentences ranging from two to 20 years.
Schmitt considers that De Quincey's 'Gothic Autobiography' also displays paranoia and victimization, since De Quincey transforms his own life into a type of threatened femininity; as an opium addict, he portrays himself as a suffering victim dependent on the sinister East.
In the work of Coleridge, another celebrated opium addict, Milligan sees this Oriental contagion as a process rather than an unveiling.