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infestation with flukes obtained from eating raw fish

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Currently, there is an opisthorchiasis morbidity rate in West Kazakhstan Region; opisthorchiasis is a parasitic natural-focal disease characterized by hepatobiliary system affect.
Opisthorchiasis (caused by opisthorchis felineus) is a widespread parasitic disease of humans and animals, the causative agent of which develops at different stages of ontogenesis both in a body of different hosts and in the environment (water biocenosis).
The greater part of opisthorchiasis' agent has a helminth circulation of epizootic (involving wild and domestic animals) nature and the rest part of mixed (involving animals and human) nature.
Since more and more travelers visited endemic countries, an accurate differential diagnostic method for human clonorchiasis and opisthorchiasis should be developed [1, 2].
Gotuzzo, "Update on hepatobiliary flukes: fascioliasis, opisthorchiasis and clonorchiasis," Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases, vol.
Opisthorchiasis was suspected because of the patient's travel history and report of eating carpaccio (Italian dish made with raw fish/meat) near Lake Bolsena (8).
To confirm the diagnosis of opisthorchiasis, we obtained another fecal sample 1 month later, and low numbers of Opisthorchis eggs were seen by microscopy.
His research interests include foodborne parasitic zoonoses, particularly trichinellosis, echinococcosis, opisthorchiasis, cryptosporidiosis, and giardiasis.
Biliary liver flukes (opisthorchiasis and clonorchiasis) in immigrants in the United States: often subtle and diagnosed years after arrival.
With regard to human infection, cases were reported in 2003 and 2005, when 2 outbreaks of opisthorchiasis occurred after persons consumed fish from Lake Trasimeno (central Italy) (9).
A case of opisthorchiasis was defined as Opistorchidae spp.
In villages near the Nam Pong water resources development project in Thailand, no correlation was found between households with latrines and the extent of opisthorchiasis (21).
We report an outbreak of acute opisthorchiasis in a family that was infected in a non-disease-endemic area after eating raw carp illegally imported from a highly disease-endemic area in Siberia.
The pathologic and clinical consequences of opisthorchiasis are related to the intensity and duration of cumulative infestations.
The impact of a decade long opisthorchiasis control program in northeastern Thailand.