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obstinate in your opinions

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Thesystem executes the dataset and categorized tweets into 412opinionative and 109 non-opinionative tweets where opinionative tweets are further classified into 221 positive and 109 negative tweets as well (Table 1).
We have organised this paper as follows: Section 2 discuss some opinionative or sentimental characteristic of Blogs.
To fail the test of opinionative high-mindedness is to reveal oneself not as a cad or a thief, but as racist, sexist, elitist, and so on.
32) So, the Stranger concludes, the sophist now comes to light as one who possesses a certain opinionative art ([GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) or science ([GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) about everything, but not the truth.
When that sovereign was voluble and opinionative, it was hard for the judges, unless they were men of more than ordinary firmness, to hold their own in his presence.