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Synonyms for opiate

Synonyms for opiate

a substance that affects the central nervous system and is often addictive

something that induces sleep or sedation

to administer or add a drug to

Words related to opiate

a narcotic drug that contains opium or an opium derivative

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The study found that twice as many opiate painkillers (e.
Australia's poppy industry is the world's largest legal supplier of pharmaceutical grade opiates.
No drugs or equipment were found, or opiate tests failed, in 2013 at prison establishments that are not listed above.
In the study, there were several highly significant distinctions between those who used opiate analgesics and those who did not, but none could be connected to inflammatory activity.
Under the pilot, AIDS Project Worcester trains opiate users and those close to them how to prevent and recognize an opiate overdose and what to do if one occurs, which includes calling 911 and administering rescue breaths.
Court officials say they are excited to test the efficacy of Vivitrol, which may hold some promising advantages over other drugs that are taken on a daily basis to treat opiate addiction, such as Methadone and Suboxone.
Patients who report itching like crazy while on opiates or in response to radiocontrast media are appropriately managed by their primary care physician without referral to an allergist, Dr.
of California at Los Angeles Center for Health Services and Society) argues that the British tended to treat opiate addiction as a medical issue while the French treated it as a penal issue and that this difference had its roots in the ways that the social and political dangers posed by opiate use were framed by medical researchers, writers, and policymakers.
In the 1990's, when legislation was passed requiring all physicians to take a course on pain management, I remarked to a colleague that I knew how to provide opiates for pain, having been trained in the 1960's: that is -to provide one week of opiate for post-surgical care, twenty-five days for post-trauma, and as much opiate as necessary to relieve symptoms and pain in those with advanced cancers.
By 2009, the estimated number of newborns with the syndrome was 13,539 -- or about one baby born each hour, according to the study that U-M researchers believe is the first to assess national trends in neonatal abstinence syndrome and mothers using opiate drugs.
Reported opiate seizures in 2010 were down by 25 percent in comparison to 2009, perhaps reflecting the decline in opium production in Afghanistan in 2010.
The number of registered opiate users in 2009 grew by 8.
Opiate abuse and dependence in the US continues to be a significant public health problem.
The researchers focussed on the mu opiate receptor, where morphine works, as a potential therapeutic target.