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Synonyms for opiate

Synonyms for opiate

a substance that affects the central nervous system and is often addictive

something that induces sleep or sedation

to administer or add a drug to

Words related to opiate

a narcotic drug that contains opium or an opium derivative

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Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, an India-based pharmaceutical company, has struck an agreement with British pharmaceutical, biologics and healthcare company, Glaxo SmithKline Plc (GSK), to buy GSK's opiates business in Australia, it was reported yesterday.
This is the first time weve seen a paddock of commercially-grown opiate poppies in full bloom in NSW, Mr Blair said.
I never bought into the mantra of giving patients lots of opiates for chronic, non-cancer pain.
During the five years, there were 12 deaths involving methadone or buprenorphine without another opiate in Stockton, and seven in Middlesbrough.
The eight-hour course is not particularly onerous (I did it in three days at my computer, and it was an excellent refresher on opiate psychopharmacology).
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 3, 2015-Sun Pharmaceuticals acquires GlaxoSmithKline's Australian opiates business
Most prescribers (60% of primary care physicians and 65% of pain management specialists) say they are only "somewhat" prepared to identify opiate misusers.
DILIP Shanghvi- led Sun Pharma, the country's largest drugmaker by sales, will acquire Glaxo- SmithKline's opiates business in Australia for an undisclosed amount to strengthen its painkiller portfolio.
Mr Selous said: "Heroin finds have reduced by 82% when compared to 2007, positive opiate tests by 82% also, and the total number of incidents of drug finds has fallen by 19% since 2007.
The relationship between opiate usage and depression was significant even though those who took antidepressants or anxiolytics were significantly less likely to use opiates, according to Dr.
According to the state Department of Health and Human Services, opiate overdoses (from heroin, oxycodone, fentanyl, hydrocodone, codeine and methadone) have increased significantly in Massachusetts in the last 10 years.
For most of the next decade, I worked on the LC's connection to opiate action, opiate withdrawal and relief of withdrawal symptoms.
This summer, the Lane County Adult Drug Court will become the first drug court in Oregon to provide Vivitrol - a drug injected just once a month that can help opiate addicts overcome drug dependence.
The solution is simple: Have the patient start taking high-dose fexofenadine the day before surgery and continue on the antihistamine untj1 a couple of days after stopping the opiate medication.
Social poison; the culture and politics of opiate control in Britain and France, 1821-1926.