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medical instrument for examining the retina of the eye

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Though many adult patients were subjected to ultrasound after ophthalmoscopic examination, only two patients among the adult population could be included in the study under this category, because most of them (Melanoma and Osseous choristoma) were operated based on the clinical and sonography examination as intraocular masses rarely spread to brain.
If not observed initially, returning to the ONH at the end of the ophthalmoscopic examination and a further period of studying the peripapillary area often reveals SVP.
Risk factors associated with the ophthalmoscopic findings identified in infants with presumed Zika virus congenital infection [published online ahead of print August 1, 2016].
The canine ocular fundus showed enormous variations in normal ophthalmoscopic appearance.
Patients were examined including visual acuity, pupillary reactions and slit lamp bimicroscopy and ophthalmoscopic examination of both anterior and posterior segments.
However, the investigators noted, the findings suggest the possibility "that even oligosymptomatic or asymptomatic pregnant patients presumably infected [with Zika virus] may have microcephalic newborns with ophthalmoscopic lesions" and those newborns should be routinely evaluated for ocular symptoms.
Ophthalmoscopic examination of both the eyes revealed bilateral panuveitis.
The ophthalmic examination included the best-corrected visual acuity (Snellen Letter Chart), anterior segment slit lamp and indirect ophthalmoscopic fundus examinations (Volk glass 90D and XL, USA), gonioscopy and Goldmann applanation for intraocular pressure.
Signs of orbital compartment syndrome can be categorized as external, ophthalmoscopic, and neuro-opthalmic.
Ophthalmoscopic examination may reveal granular pigmentary changes in the form of bull's-eye maculopathy with a circle of RPE atrophy surrounding the central fovea.
There were no petechial or ecchymotic spot on his skin, but retinal haemorrhages were detected by ophthalmoscopic examination.
Optic disc measurement: a comparison of indirect ophthalmoscopic methods.
Scanning laser ophthalmoscopic analysis of the pattern of visual loss in age-related geographic atrophy of the macula.
On ophthalmoscopic examination, retina and fundus were normal.