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12) or other (micro vascular infarcts, diabetes mellitus, recurrent painful ophthalmoplegic neuropathy).
Diabetic ophthalmoplegia, giant cell arteritis, and ophthalmoplegic migraine are the most challenging conditions for the clinician from a differential diagnosis point of view.
Clinical and radiological findings suggesting disorders other than Tolosa-Hunt syndrome among ophthalmoplegic patients: a retrospective analysis," Headache, vol.
The persistence of Adie's pupil after remission from ophthalmoplegic migraines in this patient was similar to two reported cases: one patient (20) exhibited transient Adie's pupil associated with migraine with aura, and another manifested a permanent deficit of the third cranial nerve after an ophthalmoplegic-migraine attack.
We have grouped patients according to race, predominantly by self-reporting (GSH) or mother tongue (remainder), as the ophthalmoplegic MG complication was previously described to show significant racial bias in a GSH cohort.
The causes of painful ophthalmoplegia that manifests with third nerve palsy in childhood include postinfectious third nerve palsy, compressive lesions, vascular anomalies and ophthalmoplegic migraine.
Ophthalmoplegic migraine can be felt around the eyes and can involve disturbances in vision and fatigued eyes.
Ophthalmoplegic and lower cranial nerve variants merge into each other and into classical Guillain-Barre syndrome.
There are many types of migraines including: hemiplegic migraines, in which patients suffer temporary paralysis on one side of the body; ophthalmoplegic migraines, which cause pain around the eyes and is associated with a droopy eyelid, double vision and other sight problems; basilar artery migraines, which include vertigo, double vision and poor muscular coordination; menstrual migraines, which are caused by fluctuating hormone levels; and several others.
Most of the group (81%) experienced migraine without aura; 11% had migraine with aura, and the rest of the children had abdominal, ophthalmoplegic, or catamenial migraine.