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On CT scan of the brain features of CCF like extraocular muscle thickness, dilated superior ophthalmic vein and prominent cavernous sinus should be looked for.
4 In our case the patient was also diagnosed with the help of MRI and MR angiography which showed dilated superior ophthalmic vein and the CCF (Figure-1).
CT and MR angiography reveals enlarged right cavernous sinuses with several dilated venous channels including ipsilateral superior ophthalmic vein in the right orbit.
Additional features can be collapsed superior ophthalmic vein, reduction in the angle of vein of Galen and internal cerebral vein (the venous hinge sign).
Transvenous embolization of dural carotid-cavernous fistulae with transfacial catheterization through the superior ophthalmic vein.
For example, the superior ophthalmic vein connects with the angular, supraorbital, and supratrochlear veins, and it crosses over the optic nerve through the superior orbital fissure and drains into the cavernous sinus.
Displacement of the superior ophthalmic vein in any direction from its normal course should be considered as abnormal.
If this failed, venous access was made and the cavernous sinus was cannulated with microcatheter from either the inferior petrosal sinus route or through angular / ophthalmic vein and embolization was done by using pushable platinum coils (Figure-2) and/or cyanoacrylate glue.
Orbital venography often disclosed abnormalities in filling of the superior ophthalmic vein or cavernous sinus, but these techniques are difficult and therefore not consistently performed.