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Synonyms for operator

Synonyms for operator

a person who operates a motor vehicle

one who speculates for quick profits

Synonyms for operator

someone who owns or operates a business

a shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent difficulties

a speculator who trades aggressively on stock or commodity markets

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Managers need to decide if operator inspections are the proper action.
Infowave Software (TSE: IW), a provider of wireless software for mobile professionals, corporations and network operators announced recently that it will collaborate with Microsoft Corporation to develop and market solutions for mobile network operators based on the Windows Powered Microsoft mobile device platforms.
Offering WLAN services today will enable mobile operators to experiment with broadband services, to combine them with their GPRS and CDMA 1 x RTT offerings, and migrate users to WCDMA when it becomes available," Longueuil notes in his report.
Operator to patrol units: Units are responding to Rinaldi.
Prior to a closure or change-in-service, an owner or operator must conduct a site assessment to measure for the presence of a release where contamination would be most likely.
Please take note that only formulas that the operator is authorized to see will be shown.
In Boston, between 1912 and 1923, a dynamic group of activist operators overcame the problems that had stymied earlier attempts to create stable unions of telephone operators in the West.
With management now stressing cooperation between production and maintenance (a factor that is usually absent), the operator must be convinced that his new maintenance duties are going to contribute to total plant productivity and profitability.
The Mobile Application Gateway suite gives network operators the opportunity to offer their corporate customers a fully branded mobile solution that is easy to try and easy to buy," said Bill Tam, Infowave's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
Each operator handles 650 to 700 calls a day, and most of them are problem calls.
The operator is prompted by the workstation to transfer unneeded totes to the shelf area, and needed totes to the carousel.
Global Mobile Operator Forecast covers 50 metrics on 800 mobile operators in 200 countries.
Annual Results & Forecasts for each of the above operators is covered in this report for: CY 2001-CY 2015 Quarterly Results & Forecasts are covered for: March 2003 - June 2013