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Synonyms for operative

Synonyms for operative

in effect

in action or full operation

a person who secretly observes others to obtain information

Synonyms for operative

being in force or having or exerting force


relating to or requiring or amenable to treatment by surgery especially as opposed to medicine



(of e.g. a machine) performing or capable of performing

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He warned the operatives of the Task Force on Street Trading, Illegal Markets and Motor Parks against taking laws into their hands stating that government would not tolerate them manhandling any offender.
To kick start this initiative, Operative is partnering with FreeWheel and NBCUniversal to accelerate a path to solving for "one sales system, one ad decisioning system" that executes seamlessly across digital and linear advertising campaigns.
A constant monitoring of nutritional status of post operative patients especially in post operative children is mandatory for optimal wound healing and survival of patient.
According to this author, in developed part of Europe in recent years, the main changes have emerged out of the wish to give co- operatives enough flexibility to adapt to more and more competitive environment, but without leaving co- operative principles.
Other patient characteristics that significantly influenced operative time were body mass index, adhesions, and cancer indications, whereas uterine weight and age did not influence operative time.
The success story, of course, is the tale of how a handful of Agency operatives armed with bagfuls of cash allied themselves with the Northern Alliance and, with the invaluable help of U.S.
Only one instrument should be used, not sequential instruments, and the one doing the pulling (the physician) should be experienced at operative vaginal deliveries, said Dr.
(44) The case for structural impracticality, therefore, needs to be subjugated to that of an impotence primarily born of operative apathy.
Further, the attempted purchase should be audio- or videotaped, and money used in the operation should be marked and retrieved whenever possible.(9) When the operative is used in an on-premise location, such as a restaurant, lounge, or club, an undercover officer or agent should take a position inside the establishment to observe the potential sale.
Many other factors, such as age, sex, season of the year, surgical indications, performing an adenoidectomy, operative time, type of anesthetic, and method used to stop bleeding were not associated with increased bleeding.
Keywords: Template operative notes, Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, Completeness of data.
Objective: To find out the opinion of surgical team about teaching of operative notes and whether writing of operative notes is taught during surgical training.
Hospital A has decided to purchase an operating room documentation system to improve scheduling of operative cases and increase productivity.
MAUI, HAWAII -- When considering the safety of an operative vaginal delivery, the magic number seems to be three.
Tapper's only scoop--and only support for his charge of the illegal "plot" mentioned in the title--is that an unnamed Republican operative told him that, on November 10th or 11th, a conference call was held in which word was passed to get GOP operatives to encourage overseas military personnel to send in their absentee ballots--in other words, to vote after the election.
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