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Synonyms for operative

Synonyms for operative

in effect

in action or full operation

a person who secretly observes others to obtain information

Synonyms for operative

being in force or having or exerting force


relating to or requiring or amenable to treatment by surgery especially as opposed to medicine



(of e.g. a machine) performing or capable of performing

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Subsequently it became subsumed into the wage-bargaining process, but remained closely tied, too, to operative perceptions of limiting managerial prerogatives on site.
Undercover operatives can attend such gatherings, or officers acting alone can surveil the location and make arrests.
Casey, and finally "to gender and ethnic quotas or diversity [that] are no substitutes for talent" By the late 1980s, Clarridge claimed, the ranks of younger and mid-career operatives included "an overabundance of yuppie spies who cared more about their retirement plan and health insurance benefits than about protecting democracy.
Ultimately, they choose a small, but financially stable vendor, who specializes in operative systems.
Both Operative and Solbright are strong forces in the digital advertising space, so I'm encouraged that this deal can create the kind of scale necessary to bring a comprehensive solution to the market.
Peter Naylor brings almost 20 years of experience to the advisory board, and has a vast knowledge of the daily ad tech complexities that Operative strives to simplify.
His practice focuses on operative and non-operative problems of the shoulder and knee including arthroscopic surgery.
Operative stands out in the marketplace with its services and support.
At Operative, he will be running product, engineering and infrastructure.
Top Travel Publisher Chooses Operative for Digital Expertise
After a thorough search of ad management and ad serving vendors, we chose Operative as the 'best of breed' provider of quality technology and service expected by a national brand like PBS," said Robert Williams, President of NPBi, "Operative's feature-rich Dashboard will allow PBS.
Industry Leader Focuses on Streamlined Inventory Management through Operative.
The Operative Dashboard offers the functionality needed to cover Dow Jones Online's key requirements and it will certainly help us address many of our current challenges.
12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Operative, the premier leader in advertising business management solutions, has been invited to speak at this year's Dreamforce Conference, which will take place in San Francisco from November 18-21, 2013.
NEW YORK, April 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Operative, the premier advertising business management company for impressions-based ad sales, will hold its first Global Customer Advisory Board meeting of 2013 on Wednesday, April 17.
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