operational damage

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Precio's support of GPAS, Switch Probe and Pearl Brush options allow customers to maximize probe card lifetime and eliminate the risk of operational damage to tooling.
light microscopy is used for the basic evaluation of microstructure and operational damage.
Internal incidents are increasing according to industry research, and they cause much greater financial and operational damage.
Large companies with headquarters in Atlanta, which has the third highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the nation, can weather the operational damage from disasters, though even short disruptions can prove extremely expensive.
PIPA can precisely detect component operational damage at the atomic level and can assess the remaining useful life in a variety of materials, including jet turbine engine propulsion systems.
This allows the building to move independently, reducing the chances of major structural and operational damage.
They've also had irreversible reputational, legal and operational damages that incurred significant losses in both profits and customer trust", said Osama Zeineh, al khaliji Group Head of Compliance.
Among specific topics are identifying operational damages of air-turbine engines using visual diagnostics, graph-based models of compound planetary gear boxes, filtering algorithms for three-dimensional range image analysis, the computer simulation of digital measurement, the effect of cutting parameters on the surface texture of flame-sprayed coatings, the active thermography method of assessing the impact of temperature on thermophysical properties of a super-alloy gas-turbine blade, a multiscale modeling method for selected functionally graded material, and didactic models used in mechatronic courses.
10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Profitect, a profit protection solution provider that delivers increased profits through the identification and reduction of value chain margin leakage, shrink, waste, margin erosion, operational damages, and process errors is pleased to announce that Kathy Persian, GVP Merchandising and Retail Systems of SuperValu has joined Profitect's Board of Advisors.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- Profitect, a profit protection process solution provider that focuses on supply chain leakage, point of sales fraud, waste and operational damages, as well as process errors across the entire enterprise, today announced our allegiance with King Rogers Group, a thought leader in retail loss prevention on educating retailer's on new loss prevention and profit protection strategies.
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