operating table

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table on which the patient lies during a surgical operation

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Medical technology company Hill-Rom Holdings Inc (NYSE:HRC) reported on Monday the launch of the new TruSystem 3000 Mobile Operating Table in response to hospitals' need to equip operating rooms with quality medical devices at a reasonable cost in most countries in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
For more information on the Steris 5085 operating table, contact Mike Siddells at Device Technologies, msiddells@device.
It took 10 staff to lift the 250lb Syrian brown bear on to the operating table, where surgeons worked on his damaged spine for 10 hours.
Starting from a calibrated zero point, the arm, attached to an operating table, automatically performs the incremental movements.
Tawam Hospital, in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine, today announced the success of a recent addition to its operating theatre -- a specially designed operating table that allows for 360 degree surgery.
Stille, headquartered in Solna, Sweden, develops and manufactures surgical instruments and operating tables, specialising in cardio/vascular surgery, plastic surgery and urology/gynaecology.
Doctors in North Shields were unable to resuscitate the teenager after he suffered several heart attacks while on the operating table.
She is believed to have slipped off the operating table as it was being tilted and was caught by the ankles by a surgeon, but she hit her head on the tiled floor.
Despite a poor contour match on the operating table (figure 3), the final result was aesthetically acceptable to both the patient and physician (figure 4).
A BRAVE grandfather caught a vicious mugger - just a month after "dying" on the operating table.
A complex structure unifies the operating table and robotic arms into a single "smart" system that transmits information to the surgeon's console.
A Scots drugs smuggler had a 12-hour heart by-pass CHAINED to the operating table.
But it would have been an appalling illustration of the state's coercive power had the prosecutor's office prevailed, restraining Bricci all the way to the operating table.
Most of the time, surgeons carve these implants to fit a particular larynx while the patient lies on the operating table.
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