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a manual usually accompanying a technical device and explaining how to install or operate it

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Although Some Assembly Required is no less honest, witty, irreverent, and, at times, deeply spiritual than Operating Instructions, Lamott's distance as a grandmother (rather than the visceral experience provided by writing from the perspective of motherhood) creates "a tale once removed" (San Francisco Chronicle).
He conducted site surveys, instructed on proper placement and grounding of the operating locations, and assisted in drafting the required Local Operating Instructions.
The sash is clearly labeled with all operating instructions and illustrations.
Architecture and town planning operating instructions; saving architecture might save the Italian economy.
He said: "If a buggy is folded or unfolded in line with operating instructions, the risk of injury is non-existent."
The instrument comes ready to use with carrying case with zero plates, calibration certificate, operating instructions and batteries.
The DOE said that at no time was reactor safety compromised, bur the agency charges that violations in the incident include failures to adhere to technical safety requirements and reactor operating instructions, inadequacies in the reactor operating instructions, and failure to adequately conduct management assessments in reactor operations.
Able UK Holdings representatives admitted the two offences and said the first was due to a struggle to get sufficient cover material to the asbestos cell because of an equipment breakdown.On the second occasion a sub-contractor did not follow safe operating instructions.
A TEENAGE fairground worker paid with his life for disobeying operating instructions on a ride, a sheriff has ruled.
Operating instructions are located on the ramp as well as the handle.
Each of the timetables that railroads used to communicate special operating instructions or procedures to employees contained different orders.
MOST modern gadgets come with operating instructions but if your boyfriend starts to malfunction, there's no trouble-shooting guidebook for women to turn to.
It comes with an installed 9V battery, operating instructions and with Meterman's one year 'no-hassle' warranty.
AKMS provides a means for distribution of Communications Security, Electronic Protection, and Signal Operating Instructions information from the planning level to the point of use in support of current and future forces.
The Triopack ready-to-use set includes three Acura manual adjustable pipettes, a sample of Oualitips, QC certificate, and operating instructions. There are eight different packs available that each covers specific volumes, with the full coverage stretching between 0.1 mL to 10 mL.