operating capability

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the capability of a technological system to perform as intended

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Last summer, the Marine Corps announced that the F-35B joint strike fighter had achieved initial operating capability.
will allow us to go to a full operating capability on that project of about 30 boats per year until we get to 180 boats.
The E-2D is expected to reach initial operating capability in 2011.
But there are also two additional conditions relating to the role and responsibilities of the bank's board of directors and of its senior management, and to the need for the bank to have an independent operating capability in New Zealand.
JNTC should achieve initial operating capability by October and final operating capability by fiscal year 2009.
Rescue 21's original schedule, which called for it to achieve initial operating capability by September 2003, has been postponed, and the Coast Guard has not yet finalized a new schedule.
The Pilot was used for accessing operating capability for a sub set of NARA's GPEA transactions slated for FY03.
The demand planning initial operating capability (IOC) focuses on discrete process and policy changes attainable without significant technology resources.
8 V operating capability aligns with the core voltage supply requirements of system logic ICs such as the baseband processor.
FMS Initial Support Tracker (FIST) - The NAVAIR/NAVSUP ILET developed the FIST tracking system to track spares, publications, and support equipment from identification to initial operating capability (IOC).
This software is the first to provide remote operating capability of JVS systems.
CircuitCAM supports the quick setup and operating capability which make IRSI's IOI equipment well suited for both high-volume/low-mix and low volume/high-mix environments.
The use of WWDM technology will enable the university to utilise virtually all of the fibre spectrum providing up to twice as much operating capability on each fibre.
Operating capability, dental care, pharmacy operations, and laboratory resources--all a part of the ATH--were available for the first airmen dispatched as a show of force and intent toward a ruthless enemy in the deserts of the Arab world.
Because income-producing real estate is generally held as an investment rather than as an operating capability involving continuous disposals and replacements of components, the effect of changing specific prices on depreciation is not a significant concern.
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