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large African forest tree yielding a strong hard yellow to golden brown lumber

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Figure 3 shows the raw data, voltage against time, taken from the PROBE (where opepe was used as the buffer species) for a period of around 10 minutes, at 5-second intervals.
For the tested PROBE, with the buffer species opepe, the optimum switching frequency was deduced to be 10 Hz (i.
The project will reverse these trends through awareness education of 10,550 on climate change, causes, effects and mitigation; training on agro-forestry; raising of 60,000 economic and tropical trees (cocoa, pear, avocado, kolanut, opepe, mimusop, black and white afara) nurseries; regeneration of deforested area; training on alternative livelihoods and empowerment in bee keeping and goat farming, training on/and construction of 500 efficient energy wood cookstoves by the trained women and girls.