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Synonyms for openhearted

showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity

freely communicative

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be openhearted with God, hide nothing from him, but pour out your whole soul, and all your griefs into the bosom of your merciful Father .
Theresa Kane's speech gives new hope and life to the openhearted and open-minded people/faithful in the Catholic church (NCR, Aug.
It's a creaky transition, opposite the openhearted hello Memorial Day gives to the long and lazy days ahead.
Ginnifer Goodwin is Gigi, an openhearted charmer who works too hard at dating and gets only disappointment in return.
Prebish Founders Award, went to Ben Kuehne, in "recognition of a career dedicated to preserving constitutional rights and manifesting an openhearted devotion to justice, civility, discretion, courage, and respect for human dignity and mercy for all citizens.
At one screening the extremely openhearted conversation among a mixed group of white and African-American Episcopalians was exactly what I was hoping the film could create.
In this sequel to Stargirl, the free-spirited, openhearted title character gets to tell her own story in the form of "the World's Longest Letter" to her ex-boyfriend Leo.
Despite her cautious, browbeaten temperament, however, she begins to see the handsome, gray-haired fellow, and romance blossoms quietly, but with enough force to cause a small crisis for everyone involved, including Jose's openhearted Mexican family.
It wasn't the most openhearted of invitations and Valmai sensed that Gareth Garmon didn't at all like the idea.
DuBois' term) and comic superheroes seemed too subtly refracted, his work conveyed the openhearted reach of an inner journey.
His openhearted performance--so self-dramatizing, so self-aware, so funny when it isn't moving--can't help but bring to mind another drama queen, Judy Garland.
OM yoga for couples is a way to extend this approach of openhearted inquisitiveness to your partner," states Cyndi Lee, long-time practitioner of both hatha yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, director of OM yoga center in New York City and creator of OM Yoga in a Box for Couples.
I discovered a simple, talented, and openhearted young man.
He's learned that Americans are "probably more generous and openhearted than they are given credit for.
What's nice is that for all the resentment and rivalry inherent in the story, the film is too openhearted to dwell on recriminations.