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2002) described in the Nicomachean Ethics, namely problems with courage, openhandedness, greatness of soul, mildness, and self-presentation, among others.
By that I mean I believe society exists to nurture and liberate the human spirit, and that large-mindedness and openhandedness are the means by which these things are to be accomplished.
Because he is a Bengale, he had to test limits of my openhandedness.
The recent large increases in funding for the biomedical sciences have relieved some of the desperation over funding pressures that dominated those fields in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but there is no guarantee that the federal government's openhandedness will continue indefinitely.
Then there's Massachusetts, where, according to Howie Carr in the Boston Herald, the state Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) is known for the openhandedness with which it dispenses emotional-distress awards to those who've suffered workplace setbacks and upsets: $15,000 in emotionals to a seven-months-pregnant woman who got turned down for a job as a bartender; $20,000 against a company that declined to hire as an auto mechanic a man who was legally blind when not wearing glasses and who had no driver's license; $25,000 to a would-be policeman who was completely deaf in one ear; $25,000 to a female cop left at the station while huskier male colleagues were sent on a drug raid; and so forth.
58) Status in the public sphere demanded evidence of openhandedness.
Also, and partly giving rise to that differentiating disposition, she is personally steeped in and committed to values that she and others around her recognize as distinctively Aboriginal: material openhandedness, the intensive sociality of familism (which, though extensible, always asserts the importance of differentiation), and respect for those 'different' others combined with a rejection of the implications of hierarchy and subordination in both Aborigines and whites (which Aborigines of the Katherine area tend to critically designate in English as being or acting 'flash').
Tim is further oppressed by what he considers a distasteful offer of friendship by Bandy Habash, a Punjabi whose cheerful ambition and assumption of goodwill underscore the stark limitations of Euro-Australians' openhandedness.