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(of mines and mining) worked from the exposed surface


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During this short period the deposit was exploited by opencut excavations in an area about 500 meters long (along a northwest axis) by 300 meters maximum width, to a depth of 3 to 15 meters, producing about 1 million tons of lead ore (Hewitt, 1970).
Opencut Coal Industry Turnover and Net Income, 2003-2008
Tenders are invited for Install approx 2,400 LF of 12" PVC watermain by opencut and 300 LF of 20" steel casing by jack and bore.
KOPEX recommends that the option of access from an opencut highwall should be pursued as part of the future studies.
Added Savage: "The system provides excellent productivity to depths of 40 feet, can work below ground water tables, and its vacuum capability makes it an environmentally-friendly approach compared to opencut methods.
They had waste rock and overhanging overburden around the upper opencut bulldozed out of the way in 1966, although the unskilled operator actually covered up the productive zone rather than exposing it.
The need for water drainage from the walls of opencut mines has led to a new specialist area for the providers of drilling services.
As per OreCorp's information to shareholders on Monday, the scoping study would evaluate the technical as well as economic viability of an opencut and underground operation.
Willemite and hemimorphite came to be mined as ores (the lustrous white hemimorphite specimens known as "maggot ore" began to emerge around 1875 from the opencut Noble and Passaic workings at Sterling Hill).
Shell Coal's Australian assets are significant interests in four underground and three opencut mines.
Xiamen Tungsten to Setup Sheelite Opencut and Ore Dressing
Tenders are invited for Supply and laying of an estimated 175 kms of distribution pipelines of di and hdpe both opencut and hdd method supply and installation of bulk and domestic water meter in the central and south zone of agartala city rehabilitation of wtp of college tilla and bardwali installation of deep tws in different places in the city with construction of pump house
They decided to opencut the granite beginning on the eastern end and drive a trench westward perpendicular to the vertical vein containing the jeremejevite pockets.
This includes Macmahon exiting its non-core activities in Southeast Asia and reducing exposure to low-margin opencut mining contracts.
mining solution aspires to lead to: Re-opening abandoned mines; Extensions of opencut mines which are limited by stripping ratio, hydrological or geotechnical problems; and opening of new mines in the EU.