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of or relating to or being computer software for which the source code is freely available

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But wasn't open-source technology supposed to be the savior of software budgets and vendor-stressed information technology (IT) departments?
Raymond entitled "Cathedral and the Bazaar," which is widely considered the principal manifesto of the open-source software movement.
After several years as the misunderstood stepchild of mainstream business packages, open-source software is no longer off limits for businesses.
Most software is developed so that only the original authors can examine and change the code; with open-source models, however, anyone can do it if they have a computer and the right intuition.
In addition, Liferay has teamed with Virtuas to optimize Liferay's compatibility with the Apache Geronimo open-source application server.
Unlike vertically integrated systems, Pingtel's award-winning open-source based solutions provide open interfaces, allowing customers and VARs to use best-of-breed IP phones, gateways and applications, driving down user costs and vastly improving the user experience.
Black Duck is also providing a custom version of its innovative protexIP/License Calculator integrated with the Spike Asset Manager (SAM), an open-source cross-platform framework for identifying and reporting on installed open source components.
PARIS -- Collaborative Development of Open-Source Middleware Delivers Industrial-Grade, Standards-Compliant and Production-Proven J2EE(TM) Platform
Extension of ObjectWeb's code base with 3 components for portal, content and business process management makes the consortium's set of commercial grade middleware projects an unrivalled roster in the open-source world
Quantification of risk costs resulting from potential legislation violations in Open-Source-Software and by the use of Open-Source products.
BEA has been working with Red Hat to integrate Beehive, the industry's first easy-to-use open-source foundation for building enterprise JAVA and service oriented architecture applications, into future versions of Red Hat Application Server," said Cornelius Willis, vice president, developer marketing, BEA Systems.
Due to our recognized open source expertise, coupled with our proven ability to deliver complex applications, our clients are turning to ThoughtWorks to provide open-source solutions on strategic and business-critical software development projects," explains Cyndi Mitchell, a senior architect with ThoughtWorks' London office.
Eco-System Support the Introduction of an Open-Source Based IP PBX
The company's flagship product is MySQL, the world's most popular open-source database, with more than 4 million active installations.