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Synonyms for open-minded

Synonyms for open-minded

ready and willing to receive favorably, as new ideas

not narrow or conservative in thought, expression, or conduct

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ready to entertain new ideas

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Draghi said central banks must be open-minded on policy innovations, even though the concepts behind them are not clear to all.
Nisbet was not at all surprised that there was a lack of change in most people's views on the issue, but there was an interesting interaction in which open-minded people became more supportive of government intervention--if they saw videos both for and against intervention,
Open-minded leaders find ways to deal with unexpected situations.
The letter also urged Obama to be open-minded in dealing with the Gaza Strip rulers.
As an open-minded reader, I both agree and, on occasion, disagree with your content.
Our hope is that they, and others like them, will benefit from an open-minded review by admissions readers who will see the positive energy and strength of character they will bring to campus.
C, is a great place, it's very open-minded and really a for of fun.
Though the reader may not agree with Carlin's arguments, it greatly behooves open-minded thinkers of all faiths to contemplate them at length, and evaluate what personal values are embraced through voting for a specific candidate, and what it truly means to be a Democrat.
A gigantic wave of euphoria has been swamping through a country that has barely been perceived as a fun-loving, open-minded melting pot.
Climb Every Obstacle is very strongly recommended for all readers not quite happy with themselves and looking to become a more worthy, open-minded, and favorable person with an enhanced appreciation of what life has to offer them.
During his 9 years there, his open-minded, non-paternalistic view of the Inuit people led him to be welcomed into their culture.
His extensive reading is eclectic and his reasoning very open-minded.
Having been established within the context of the Ernst and Young accounting firm, McKee Nelson had an uncommonly open-minded attitude toward its new space, unconstrained by such typical law firm expectations as office sizes based on hierarchy and corner offices reserved for senior partners.
Now, she is punk and she claims to be a real open-minded person.
I was warmly welcomed by the diocese, and certainly by the open-minded and open-hearted Inuit of Salluit, Ivujivik and Kangiqsujuaq, where I ministered.