open-hearth furnace

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a furnace for making steel in which the steel is placed on a shallow hearth and flames of burning gas and hot air play over it

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The pit at the back of the open-hearth furnace is perhaps eight feet deep and ten feet in diameter.
Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) The updated replacement of the traditional open-hearth furnace, the BOF refines molten iron mixed with steel scrap in a process that can take place in less than one hour.
Big steel came out of World War II with 40 million tons of open-hearth furnace capacity.
worked with open-hearth furnaces that turned out "semi-killed" steel, which has higher concentrations of phosphorus, oxygen and sulfur in the metal.
The steel plate was made using acid-lined open-hearth furnaces.
Ashinsky closed down its open-hearth furnaces in 2010 and launched a single electric-arc furnace, boosting crude steel capacity to 1m tonnes.
The men who ran the steel companies never liked to close a plant; they always wanted to keep a margin of extra capacity to take care of their best customers at the top of the economic cycle--even if that meant keeping open ancient open-hearth furnaces that should have been banked twenty years before.