open-heart surgery

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heart surgery in which the rib cage is spread open, the heart is stopped and blood is detoured through a heart-lung machine while a heart valve or coronary artery is surgically repaired

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Open-heart surgery to replace a valve allows surgeons to perform other necessary procedures at the same time.
It is not approved for patients who can be treated by open-heart surgery.
The consultants reported to the McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center Board of Trustees (six of whom are physicians) that they had never encountered so much physician support for addition of an open-heart surgery program.
She survived the blood clots in her lungs and a massive heart attack, yet open-heart surgery was eventually a necessity.
Nigel said: "My father had open-heart surgery and this experience helped me appreciate what he'd been through.
The company's lead product, EP217609, is the first neutralizable anticoagulant to enter Phase II trials for managing extracorporeal blood circulation during open-heart surgery.
On the other hand Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan telephoned PM Nawaz and conveyed best wishes ahead of his open-heart surgery.
WASHINGTON -- Prayers were offered in several mosques in the capital Washington and the neighbouring state of Virginia and Maryland for early recovery of Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif who will undergo an open-heart surgery in London next week.
The combination of severe carotid artery disease and coronary artery disease (CAD) is usually treated by one of three approaches, but a Cleveland Clinic study found that patients who underwent stenting of the carotid artery followed by open-heart surgery experienced the best outcomes.
Clinical Trial, which will evaluate a new, non-surgical alternative to open-heart surgery for patients with severe aortic stenosis.
Doctors who saw him recommended the new procedure, known as transapical aortic valve replacement, because they thought that it was too risky for Bott to go through another open-heart surgery.
Lakers forward Ronny Turiaf underwent successful open-heart surgery Tuesday at Stanford University Medical Center, with the team hopeful he could resume his basketball career after he recovers.
Doctors treat restenosis either by performing additional artery-clearing procedures or by open-heart surgery to bypass the blocked vessel.
It's only the size of a postage stamp, but the ingenious device plugs a potentially fatal hole without the need for traumatic open-heart surgery.
Based on a novel catheter-and-self-expanding-frame approach on a beating heart, the proprietary CoreValve Percutaneous ReValving System[TM] procedure avoids open-heart surgery.