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without fixed limits or restrictions

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allowing for a spontaneous response

allowing for future changes or revisions

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Maria Garcia de Entierra explained how Cervantes kept a purposeful open-endedness to his novela:
Smith uses the concept of "persons" to illustrate the open-endedness of concepts, noting that when a court properly puts aside the original understanding and legal precedent of "persons" to hold that blacks are indeed "actual referents" of "persons" (p.
Since the sheer open-endedness of teaching pop music is intimidating for some teachers--a short "Quick-Start" list of a few songs with teaching plans for different ages would be a nice addition.
The question's open-endedness, counsel's general duty to tell the truth, and the attorney-client privilege make that a difficult question to address.
The most significant themes in his work appear as a very controlled intervention, a decisive use of emptiness and voids and a certain open-endedness.
Ultimately Lowin's latest biographer observes that the tract retains a degree of open-endedness controverting the conclusiveness suggested by its title.
In his submission to the commissioning committee he said, 'there is a deliberate open-endedness in the possible readings of this new image of St Cedd .
The final 'lamentation' is by Faye Davies, with an analysis of fans' responses on Showtime's (The L Word's production company) online forum to the open-endedness of the show's finale.
Or as she says a little later on, a traditional conclusion would "[undermine] the book's commitment to open-endedness, to the premise that poetry thrives on the promise of a reading not yet realised" (xv).
I think those two projects of mine have that quality of open-endedness, that way of seeing that's not just my unique vision but is about vision more generally.
Cooper claims that this open-endedness marks off the Socratic way of life from all its successors (61).
I found that the open-endedness of games scaffolded the student to take calculated risks and problem solve, navigating efficiently and freely.
Whereas one would've thought a "new model" for intervention would seek to avoid open-ended wars by spurning adventurism in favor of realistic goals, the administration appears to have chosen the opposite, deciding that open-endedness and ambiguity is a small price to pay if it keeps the American public even more in the dark about its assorted wars.
Even if this is right, it gives no answer to the apparent open-endedness of concepts.
This is an approach to making place that is open-ended, and it is this sort of open-endedness that the authors appeal to us as scholars to embrace.