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His Highness said, that "We have to resolve to cooperate open-endedly and there should be no barriers between us just like large economic and political entities, and that this goal is to be the subject of attention , as we shared same destiny, hopes and future .
They were then asked about their past drinking and--as the investigators surmised that at this point participants would realize the study was largely about alcohol use--participants were lastly invited to open-endedly write their opinions on the nutrition label debate.
But Hertel has valuably shown that the English history plays of the 1590s addressed the issue of national identity with caution, dialogically, open-endedly, and, like Macmorris, in the interrogative mode.
Regarding Ronsard's epic, for example, Rouget reminds us that its first appearance (in 1572) coincided with a re-edition of the militant Discours- -both chez Buon--and with Gabriel du Preau's publication (again, chez Buon) of Guillaume de Tyr's Histoire de la guerre sainete, dite proprement la Franciade orientale (1573), which leads Rouget to ask open-endedly (and perhaps slightly precipitously): "N'etait-ce pas la, de maniere tacite, inviter a lire l'epopee ronsardienne comme le recit d'une croisade catholique?
Plato's philosophical method was to search open-endedly for reality, which may suggest that for him perfect knowledge of its patterns remains beyond human abilities.