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without fixed limits or restrictions

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allowing for a spontaneous response

allowing for future changes or revisions

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Open-ended play used to be more common, as fewer structured activities and sports leagues designed for young children were available.
The consultation will seek views from the public and the financial services industry on the policy and legal frameworks for open-ended fund companies.
BEIRUT: The Union of Electricite du Liban employees Monday urged the government to approve a raise in wages for part-timers willing to work full time, warning that the failure of the Cabinet to meet their demands would result in an open-ended strike.
In this article, we present an approach to developing open-ended problems through capturing contextualised mathematics in photographs.
Open-ended prompts do this by capitalizing on statistically based natural language (NL) technology.
description of the European market for real estate funds, notably open-ended funds
Current research on epistemological beliefs has primarily used three types of data collection: Interviews, open-ended questionnaires, and Likert-scale questionnaires.
Physicians fear that asking open-ended questions will make the interview .
DEKA entered the Tokyo market well ahead of the other German open-ended funds, acquiring an office asset in Shibuya during 2002.
Investigators must receive answers to open-ended questions without any type of judgment, reaction, or interruption.
This six-item questionnaire included open-ended questions about concerns and best aspects of middle school.
Some of these evaluations use the campers' own words and comments to open-ended questions or statements (i.
That's just what theorists had predicted for short, open-ended nanotubes like the ones imaged, Lemay says.
In the past two years, enrollment in PPOs rose to 43% from 35%, while enrollment in closed-panel HMOs lagged at 30%, and open-ended HMOs, or "point-of-service plans," declined to 16% from 20%, according to the National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, released by William M.