open-end wrench

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a wrench having parallel jaws at fixed separation (often on both ends of the handle)

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The editorial staff was armed with a socket wrench, but it would've taken much less time with an open-end wrench.
Our new 8PP3 has a significantly strengthened case that is robust with respect to open-end wrench installation and removal.
These innovative tools include an open-end wrench at one end and a ratcheting box wrench at the other.
Too large a reach will spread the jaws of an open-end wrench or damage the points of a box or socket wrench.
An adjustable open-end wrench (crescent wrench) is suitable for general use since it is designed to fit different sizes of bolt heads and nuts (fig 18).
22 is notorious for being grubby) then use an open-end wrench on the rear cap, unscrew it, and then use something non-marring to push the baffles out.
It takes a 1 1/4-in and a 1 3/16-in open-end wrench to loosen the connection.
Tighten the nut with an adjustable or open-end wrench.