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Through the years, Rock's hairstyle has gone from short to afro and back to short again, and his mustache has gone the way of his open-collared shirts.
I say all this not to impress you, but to impress (upon) you that it can be done elsewhere," Newsom said, pacing the stage in an open-collared, white shirt.
Employees are invited to remain cool and comfortable by removing ties, sweaters and suit jackets when possible and wearing short-sleeved shirts and blouses and open-collared shirts.
Under that headline (and a huge, color photo of the smiling, open-collared editor with a Spartan office behind him), The Times' Noam Cohen reports that Joshua Micah Marshall has won a George Polk Award "for legal reporting for coverage of the firing of eight United States attorneys, critics charged under political circumstances.
MARK McGHEE'S face was the same colour as his open-collared shirt.
The focused display device in some ways draws attention to the diverse materials in play--gold leaf in Rare Bird, smoky charcoal in Counselor (a virile samurai in a striped, open-collared shirt), tight graphite in Thin Ann.
At the trial's opening, the ousted Iraqi leader - looking thin with a salt-and-pepper beard in a dark gray suit and open-collared white shirt - stood and asked presiding Judge Rizgar Mohammed Amin, a Kurd: Who are you?
The video showed a bearded Saddam wearing a dark jacket and white open-collared shirt being questioned by chief trial judge Raid Juhi.
The video showed a bearded Saddam wearing a dark-coloured jacket and white open-collared shirt being questioned by chief trial judge Raid Juhi.
On the state of the nightly news: "I think one of the worst things that's happened to news is this sort of open-collared shirt, no tie, you know, do you take the jacket off?
Slightly rumpled in an open-collared shirt topped by a thin sweater, he has a striking facial resemblance to Rodney Dangerfield.
Ligon, a young-looking 64 years old, wore an open-collared casual shirt last week as he sat in his moderately furnished office at Orbit Valve's corporate headquarters in southwest Little Rock.
s official elimination of its unwritten suit-and-tie dress code is a sign that the apocalypse is upon us has not yet been determined, but the sightings of chino pants and open-collared shirts here show times are changing at Big Blue.
The representative was dressed in a blue sports coat, white open-collared shirt, white pants, and tennis shoes.
Wearing giant sunglasses and a trademark flamboyant open-collared shirt, his hair in a frizzy afro and his mouth constantly pulling on a cigarette, Cheadle's Davis has attitude to spare.