open-air marketplace

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a public marketplace where food and merchandise is sold

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The open-air marketplace provides fresh, locally produced, and often organic fruits, vegetables, plants and specialty foods.
Shoppers came early and bought peppered mustard, Finnish coffees, salty licorices, chocolates, Christmas ornaments, music and books from vendors and crafters at Tori 2008, the Finnish Center's annual open-air marketplace.
Sunday's staging area is the new, open-air marketplace at King Estate Winery on Lorane Highway.
Meanwhile, the new open-air Marketplace at Palmdale, kitty-corner from the Antelope Valley Mall, continues to draw new tenants, including Lowe's Home Improvement, which recently signed on to build a 163,000-square-foot store there.
Mercado Latino, an open-air marketplace in downtown Eugene featuring foods, crafts and music, begins its third season on Friday.
Out on the street, other establishments along an open-air marketplace offered up similar mysteries.
It's sort of a cross between an open-air marketplace and a late-night television infomercial; the goods are a mix of the useful and the not so useful, and the sales pitches are all about trying it for yourself.
Former Chicagoan Susan Concordet has lived in Paris with her French husband Jean for nearly two decades, and she never tires of periodic visits to the historic little city with its open-air marketplace, or marche.
MPA is offered free of cost (where applicable) to consumers and provides them with the ability to differentiate between fake and genuine goods that are sold in stores and open-air marketplaces.
Chalmeta explains that in Medina at that time the men were mostly engaged in agriculture and left commerce up to the women, and there were some open-air marketplaces (Sp.
Thus far, all evidence suggests that human transmission of the most prevalent avian strain, H5N1, has only occurred in cases of very close contact with dead or sick birds, mostly in poultry farms or live, open-air marketplaces.
Stroll the open-air marketplaces, take a look around, and you'll find what's hip and in season at the very moment.