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Synonyms for open-air



Synonyms for open-air

in the open air

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The open-air concert for Jan and Martina will take place on Sunday, March 4, at 17:00 in the Main Square in Bratislava.
Two years ago, the 55-year-old convict was moved to an open-air prison camp, where he built a house for himself by spending Rs25,000 (Dh1,419).
That's where open-air screenings come in, in that blessed little window of peace between the fiery hostilities.
Speaking first to Breath Of The Wild's open-air quality, Aonuma reflected on how 1998's Ocarina Of Time was very much a first implementation of the concept.
Marbury Park Open Air Pool Marbury Country Park, near Northwich, has a hidden gem situated within its grounds - an open-air swimming pool.
As a result, the camp was relying heavily on open-air burn pit operations to dispose of its solid waste.
In the June edition of our Remember When magazine, we featured a photograph of bathers at the open-air pool in the summer of 1935.
The Edgbaston venue will play host to open-air music concerts and theatre shows.
I can remember the open-air school on Marsh Hill, and went there once to a sports day.
The council says the theatre, which will be one of only three fulltime open-air companies in the UK, is expected to be free of public subsidy within the next five years.
Summary: Thousands of tickets for open-air Masses during Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Britain this week are yet to be sold.
Around 5,000 people attended the open-air service yesterday at the Battle of Britain memorial at Capel-le-Ferne near Dover, Kent.
The two-door Wrangler makes the curious claim of being the only 4x4 with multiple open-air options, whilst the Wrangler Unlimited is the only four-door open-air SUV on the market with room for five adults.
Fiscal receipts at open-air markets will have to wait until Macedonia joins the EU.
A LONG-RUNNING campaign to have open-air funeral pyres in the UK will go before one of the country's highest courts next month.