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a weave in which warp threads never come together, leaving interstices in the fabric

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The open weave of the netting, meanwhile, brings to the surface the infrastructure of painting's tightly woven canvas--another avatar of the signifier.
You're trying to pull vacuum through the fabric to clean out the apertures and, hopefully, dislodge and then capture all the residual paste into the open weave of the fabric.
For each colour designation, the open weave (I) fabrics have the lowest [[rho].
You must be careful to not mix materials such as flannel with cotton, or materials that have a large open weave.
Fergie also strolled the carpet in black, which had an open weave high choker neck.
Made from tan, lightweight, open weave fabric, the shades block out up to 60 percent of the sunlight.
His technique includes, sticking an open weave canvas on the surface of the painting to provide texture.
The open weave work allowed the bags to expand and assume a variety of shapes depending on what was inside them.
It is whether we see the world chiefly as property to be controlled, defined by walls and fences that must be built ever higher, ever thicker, ever tougher; or made up chiefly of an open weave of compassion and connection, open sukkah next to open sukkah.
Do a twist on the poncho look by picking one with an open weave, then layer it over your favorite tee and cords from last fall.
The light, open weave offers engineering strength essential for security mesh but often only found in traditional woven mesh patterns.
The photograph, dated September 9 2001, showed an open weave patterned throw over the back seat and shelf of the Fiesta.
Novels such as Gloria Naylor's Mama Day or Devorah Major's An Open Weave end up on the shelves for black authors, not in the SF section.
Belt systems can accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and geometries using standard open weave conveyor belts or custom designed fixtures.