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a company whose workers are hired without regard to their membership in a labor union

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Robert Sanna, executive vice president and head of construction at Forest City Ratner, the company behind Barclays Center, Pacific Park and other prominent mixed-use projects in Brooklyn, said he knows of at least one developer in the borough that is using open shop firms for a large commercial development.
According to Merit, not allowing open shop contractors to bid on projects is a violation of workers rights and also denies competition between union and non-union companies, and due to this the costs goes up.
Merit Canada was founded in 2008 as a national voice for eight provincial associations representing open shop contractors, who employ about 70 percent of the country's construction workforce.
Genetic algorithm-based heuristics for an open shop scheduling problem with setup, processing, and removal times separated, Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 25 (2), 314-322 (2009).
For 80 percent of the work force, the path to a more rewarding career is working for an open shop or starting our own building trades business.
He recalled police covering the body with a blanket that day as he arrived to open shop.
Jones saw the growing trend toward platinum in the marketplace, particularly in Asia, and decided it was worth his while to open shop.
A project should be awarded to the most responsive bidder, based on safety, quality and price--whether workers choose to be union or open shop.
Bloodless Victories: The Rise and Fall of the Open Shop in the Philadelphia Metal Trades, 1890-1940.
Industry standards and practices are largely defined by the open shop.
The publicly traded San Bernardino, California, firm specializes in computer and network security and has three offices in California; Evans plans to open shop in London this summer.
Unions have difficulty accepting an open shop because they believe that free riders are unethically getting something for nothing; plus the union has to forgo all those dues.
Is it ethical for a company from a democratic nation to open shop in a country ruled by a dictatorship?
A feature of the award is continuation of a "market recovery program" under which the union adjusts rates on projects to enable employers to compete more effectively with open shop and nonunion employers.
Open shop construction, an arrangement where both union and non-union firms work different portions of a job site, has become commonplace in residential projects as developers look to cut costs on wages.