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As he answered, the man handed the card and the open letter to Mercy.
Smallweed," urges the trooper, constraining himself to speak as smoothly and confidentially as he can, holding the open letter in one hand and resting the broad knuckles of the other on his thigh, "a good lot of money has passed between us, and we are face to face at the present moment, and are both well aware of the understanding there has always been.
Let General Webb be his own interpreter," returned the politic Montcalm, suddenly extending an open letter toward Munro as he spoke; "you will there learn, monsieur, that his movements are not likely to prove embarrassing to my army.
Marrable portentously approached the stage, with an open letter in her hand.
When the doubt and confusion were at their worst, Vail wrote an open letter to his stock-holders, in his practical, farmer-like way.
Sweetsir took the five-hundred pound note out of the open letter, I am firmly persuaded that he is the man who told Lord Rotherfield of the circumstances under which you left Lady Lydiard's house.
When the Louisiana State Constitutional Convention was in session, I wrote an open letter to that body pleading for justice for the race.
We had brought his belated correspondence, and a lot of torn envelopes and open letters littered his bed.
LAHORE -- A two-month grace period has been given by Punjab Excise Department (PED) to people for registering vehicles on their own names, who are currently using them under the open letter.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 31 (ANI): After indulging in war of words with the trolls on micro-blogging site Twitter for her controversial letter open letter to 'Padmaavat', actress Swara Bhaskar has now clarified that she did not "expect so much chaos just because of a word that starts with 'V'.
More than 500 people have signed the open letter asking for higher quality science in Slovakia.
FRENCH feminists have denounced an open letter signed by film star Catherine Deneuve that said men are being unfairly targeted by sexual misconduct allegations and should be free to hit on women.
Many including women rights activists have criticized the open letter by actress Catherine Deneuve and other eminent Frenchwomen about men being unfairly targeted in the post-Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo movement era.
That is according to French movie star Catherine Deneuve and a hundred other French women writers, scholars, and academics in their open letter published in the newspaper Le Monde that defends men and their "freedom to hit on women.
Reddit user Kensgold posted an open letter to Electronic Arts and other video game developers.
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