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Measuring the electrode potential in open circuit (POC) is a simple method of studying the formation of protective film layer and metallic material passivity at contact with the electrolyte.
Bahrain is a big, open circuit, it's very flat and smooth.
If the Royal and Ancient ever take a real shine to themselves and do something radical I'd love nothing better than to see them stick this gem on the Open circuit.
Intelligent fourstate supervision continuously monitors for a cut line, short circuit, closed circuit, or open circuit at door contacts and request-to-exit connections.
The medium duty open circuit axial piston hydraulic pump is targeted for both quiet in-plant industrial and high-speed mobile vehicle applications where high flows and high pressures are required.
This year is likely to be more popular than ever because the course is back on the Open circuit.
YOUNG Gareth Boycott, of Newport, is a match angler to watch as the 16-year-old starts to make his mark on the open circuit.
This unit offers an output of 50 to 525 amps (500 amps at 60% duty cycle) and a maximum open circuit voltage of 77VDC, it is easy to use and a powerful, durable machine for Stick welding and gouging with carbons up to 3/8" in diameter.
The pounds 120,000 Open Circuit Television system relies on digital technology instead of conventional electronic wiring and is being tested in the Ladywood and Edgbaston areas of the city.
The Series 45, 38cc and 45cc open circuit pump is used with other fluid power products to transfer and control hydraulic power.
Even if the cells were switched off when not in use, the ordinary deterioration on open circuit would prevent any great extension of their useful life.
Very often, new loads are added to any electric panel that might have an open circuit breaker, regardless of their importance.
The MJC NEOSYS Line Open Repair (LOR) System improves Flat Panel Devices production yields by repairing open circuit defects in Touch Panels, LCD, Plasma, and e-Paper display products.
This solution will impact the failure mode process, replacing a short circuit situation (with high risk of circuit damage) with an open circuit.