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Synonyms for ooze

Synonyms for ooze

to flow or leak out or emit something slowly

a viscous, usually offensively dirty substance

Synonyms for ooze

any thick, viscous matter

the process of seeping

pass gradually or leak through or as if through small openings


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OOZE FACTOR: Butter found its way all the way through SCORE: 4/5 Kingsmill 6 Square Crumpets, Tesco, PS1 | | COOKED to perfection in the toaster as slightly thinner than traditional crumpets - good crispy top and side with a nice squishy centre.
One Super Sun-sational Hot Summer Day, Pig walked to Muddy Ooze.
s Office of Emergency Management, tries to head off the lava as it bubbles up through the La Brea Tar Pits, an active geological site that normally oozes gummy oil.
In rocks that formed from ooze present during the impact, the dinoflagellate cysts are twisted and fragmented.
The unsuspecting animals wandered into the tar pits and became mired in the preserving ooze - much to the benefit of modern-day paleontologists.
Congratulations on the fine article "Jiggling the cosmic ooze.
Geochemists have long suspected that methane-munching microbes gobble the gas before it can seep upward out of the ooze.
Next year, the depth chart will ooze sophomores and juniors - players with enough experience to hold leads, win close games and win on the road, something the '99 Bruins didn't do.
This weed fungus, Escovopsis, can reduce an ant garden to brown ooze in just a few days.
Steepleton Landfill - ominous precursors to a carcinogenic black ooze that bubbled up on the campus playground after the school opened in 1968.
Since 1908, more than 1 million fossils have been dug out of the ooze - which, in fact, is not tar but asphalt deposits - of more than 100 excavations in 23-acre Hancock Park.
The causes of this warming at the end of the Paleocene period have remained obscure, but three scientists think that the answer lurks beneath the soft ooze of the ocean floor.
Chris Shaw, director of collections at the museum, says paleontologists never will know for sure why the young woman was trapped in the ooze about 9,000 years ago, but they have some educated guesses.