object-oriented programming

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Synonyms for object-oriented programming

creating a program that can use and support objects

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Advanced Materials' Nundies product, a one-time use, pantyless panty that adheres to the inside inseam of a woman's pants, will now be marketed with the Miss Oops products.
Through Advanced Material's licensing agreement with Easy Industries, the company has obtained exclusive rights to the Miss Oops name and product line, and 10% equity ownership in Easy Industries LLC, the owner of the Miss Oops trademark and patented products.
Mencia prides himself on his ``wildly'' ``provocative'' ``politically incorrect'' sensibility, yet he drops every ostensible shocker of a punch line (which most comedians would deliver without a second thought) with a mock-naughty expression -- oops, he did it again.
Logline: Biography of George Washington, focusing on his military campaigns, which -- oops -- more often than not were blundered battles and filled with hardship.
That lands him in a small boutique firm of dedicated, serious women (run by Michael Michele, late of ``ER''), including one (Kate Levering) whom - oops - Kev loved and left.
Simply Forum is a community message board that covers a range of subjects from job search and resume tips to lighter topics such as "interview oops," workplace pranks, and dating in the office.
Or, to expand: Oops, we didn't know that the Entertainment Industry Development Corp.
It didn't help that one of the first episodes scheduled focused on - oops - the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, an unfortunate bit of timing indeed.