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Synonyms for oomph

Synonyms for oomph

attractiveness to the opposite sex

the activeness of an energetic personality

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Over the last six weeks, Creative Directors and Program Developers from Oomph Inc.
8220;We've always believed that the best websites are the ones that are never done,” said Christopher Murray, President, Oomph, Inc.
Wirk feels that they are very elegant as well as stylish and the use of jersey, makes it comfortable as well as adds the oomph factor to the garment.
Oh, it definitely has oomph," replied Alex, beginning to panic.
LACKS OOMPH J The dock ticks all the boxes apart from power
It is about time we had a bit of oomph to wake us up.
Fields's orchestra, under the direction of Paul Eshelby played the number in its original Whiteman orchestration, very jazzy, very colourful and with bags of percussive oomph.
It's great to have such lofty goals, girl, but it'll take some extra oomph.
The main attraction was the wash of color and sonic oomph he produced, but there was occasional eloquence, too.
Is it a normal high five, or is there some oomph behind it?
The Black Dahlia (Universal) Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank, and Mia Kirshner bring voluptuous oomph to this noirish tale based on one of Hollywood's legendary murders.
Led by the tremendous duo of Jon Boden on vocals and violin and his partner John Spiers on squeezeboxes, the award-winning big band who give traditional music real oomph and attitude put on a stunning display of marvellous musicianship.
More than a decade ago, Stan Woosley of the University of California, Santa Cruz and his colleagues proposed that when a massive star explodes, it doesn't always have enough oomph to permanently shed all its outer layers.
Two contrived words created by folks who obviously felt that the word impact needed a little extra oomph.
I too have concluded that the reason Allen has lost his oomph and my interest is "that his problem is the result of access bestowed by powerful Vatican figures in exchange for his discretion on matters of church politics.