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Synonyms for oomph

Synonyms for oomph

attractiveness to the opposite sex

the activeness of an energetic personality

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So I'm going to go at it with a lot of oomph, as you would expect and I hope we will be making some progress in the course of the next few weeks."
Virgin Media are also offering outfree Amazon Echo Dots(worth [pounds sterling]49.99) or [pounds sterling]50 bill credit when customers sign up to any standard or Oomph broadband and phone deal.
"Their support has given me that extra oomph to go and get the goals."
15 paintings line the walls of the Oomph! gallery and connect to a Bagua diagram sprayed on the floor at the center of the room.
Sonya Wilson (Oomph leader) and Jennifer Simpson (Oomph trainer) with Gordon Close, Richard Cutler, Barbara Stainthorpe, Jean Williams, Barbara Broomhead, Betty Yolland, Ethel Nicholson and Fred Postgate | Above, a special event took place in Luke Senior Hall, Loftus, for the 50th anniversary of the building's opening.
We say: The Ferrari F12 TRS is a nod to history with a link to the 1957 250 GT Testa Rossa, but with more oomph for the modern era.
And even though that lie highlighted the same nasty cunning that led to him to back-stab brother David, I thought that, at least in the romantic stakes, there must be a bit of sexual oomph beneath the swotty exterior.
The organisers of the event said: "We are striving to bring a bit of 'oomph' to Rugby's somewhat sleepy night life and also encourage locals to get involved; providing the opportunity of experience and transferable skills for young people."
It creates big, deep black lashes with masses of volume and length and can be built up for extra 'oomph'.
Boston, MA, May 25, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Digital design and engineering firm Oomph, Inc.
The time is nigh for a chip-loving sparky to give it some extra oomph!
"We didn't have the oomph. We lacked a bit in the final third.
Grid girls worldwide are renowned for being hot and for their oomph factor.
Better camerawork and a lower gross-out factor than usual seem to have taken the oomph out of bad boy Bruce LaBruce, whose "Gerontophilia" sports a great title and a funny opening before going all limp.
"There's a lot of Die Hard oomph in there," he murmured, before pausing to tilt his head and stare into the camera for what seemed like an eternity.