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a female gametocyte that develops into an ovum after two meiotic divisions

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(4) Mature oocyte (non-fertilized eggs) in CPAs prepared in both Hank's and 50% L15 solutions: sucrose, methanol and EG.
After incubation in CPAs, oocytes were immediately rinsed twice with maintenance solutions and shortly after they were submitted to different tests to assess oocyte viability.
Our center organizes for each wave a recruitment of some oocyte donors.
Oocyte donation has been performed in human for over 30 years (2-3) for a wide variety of indications, namely absent ovaries, untreatable primary amenorrhoea, premature ovarian failure, genetic diseases, but it may be used also in cases of no or poor ovarian response, oocyte abnormalities, aged patients and multiple IVF failures.
Active p63 starts the cell death program which leads to the elimination of the oocyte. These results open new opportunities for developing a therapy for preserving oocytes of female cancer patients treated with chemotherapeutics.
Oocyte cryopreservation is a reasonable alternative to moral and religious problems that exist for cryopreservation of embryos, and undoubtedly helped to for reproductive technology.
Correlation of oocytes with ovarian reserve parameters: A moderate negative correlation of age and FSH levels were observed with quality of oocytes, number of oocyte inseminated, number of oocyte fertilized and number of follicle restored.
Given the prominent effect of LPS on oocyte maturation, we further evaluated the effect of LPS on the embryonic development and quality of LPS-treated parthenogenetically activated oocytes.
The pixel proportion of the total represented a proportion of the lipids present in each oocyte. This technique is based on the conversion of the image color to an intensity level image to enhance a specific dye (Otsu, 1979).
The current study was planned to analyse the therapy data of PCOS and non-PCOS patients with different BMIs in order to explore whether obesity with or without PCOS has an impact on the oocyte and embryo quality of IVF, and whether the impact of obesity and PCOS on IVF is dependent on each other.
This review provides a detailed understanding and recent developments related to one of modern reproductive technology called oocyte in-vitro maturation (IVM).
The first form of atresia involves the breakdown of a follicular complex that includes an oocyte. This form of atresia can occur at all stages of oogenesis.
Lead author of the research, Dr Nancy Nader, research associate in physiology & biophysics at WCM-Q, explained, "The role of the hormone progesterone in turning immature oocytes (ovarian cells) into mature eggs, in a process known as 'oocyte maturation' that prepares the cell for fertilisation, is well known.
But in most articles, it is defined as suboptimal response of stimulation protocols for recruitment of sufficient numbers of follicles which are associated with diminution of retrieved oocytes, cycle cancellation and significantly lower pregnancy rate.