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a female gametocyte that develops into an ovum after two meiotic divisions

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For the purposes of this study, only the oocyte types were quantified using stereological counts: atresic oocytes (AO), immature healthy oocytes (IO), and mature healthy oocytes (MO) (Beninger 1987, Beninger et al.
Oocyte atresia in clams was characterized by the appearance of several characteristics, concomitantly or not.
Both groups were evaluated with charts comprised of 34 questions addressing demographic characteristics and the social aspects of oocyte and sperm donation.
Most of the women in each group reported that they did not have enough knowledge about oocyte donation to make a decision.
The pregnancy test was performed 15 days after oocyte collection.
Effect of a woman's smoking status on oocyte, zygote, and day 3 pre-embryo quality in in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer program.
In spite of the successful results in vitrification techniques, there are studies that have showed various structural, biochemical and molecular alterations after vitrification process which result in loss of oocyte quality (10-13).
The current study identified a so-called checkpoint protein (CHK2) that becomes activated when oocytes are damaged by radiation.
Conclution: ESCM is an effective medium for preantral follicle growth, oocyte maturation, and subsequent embryo development.
Based on the microscopic diagnosis of the germ lineage, cysts with a batch of oogonia surrounded by prefollicle cells, pachytene oocytes, primary growth oocytes, early and late secondary growth oocytes, a full-grown oocyte (Figure 2 and Table 1) and oocyte maturation (Figure 3J) were recognized in S.
For oocyte maturation, these oocytes were placed in IBMX-free M16 medium for 20 h.
Oxidative stress plays a central role in damaging oocyte quality.
A number of fish reproduction studies have addressed oocyte distribution pattern in the ovary.
TABLE II displays data corresponding the assessment of bovine oocyte fertilization, wherein a total of 180 presumptive zygotes were taken into account.
The process of meiotic maturation and acquisition of developmental competence determines the ability of the oocyte to undergo successful fertilization, cleavage, and embryonic development.