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Synonyms for onward

Synonyms for onward

forward in time or order or degree


in a forward direction

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The ONward! Capsule Collection features drawings from Boys & Girls Club of America members (ages 8-12) with empowering phrases such as "I Am the Future," "I Am Unstoppable," and "Kind Heart." Additionally, the brand will offer tees with uplifting messages that were inspired by a design session held at the Don Fisher Boys and Girls Clubhouse in San Francisco.
Onward estimated the tax cut would cost PS3.3 billion a year, and suggested the reforms be paid for with surcharges on other types of property.
Onward estimated the tax cut would cost PS3.3bn a year, and suggested the reforms be paid for with surcharges on other types of property.
"Someone from Onward Homes tells me to ring Environmental Health, then they tell me it's Onward Homes.
Batiza, who is now the leasing representative for Onward, said Monday the sale drew strong interest.
The 442 motorbikes are expected to facilitate the movement of assembly members through the various communities to educate residents on new government policies, while collating the concerns of community members for onward submission to the various assemblies.
This offer includes onward flights operated by Cebu Pacific to other Philippine destinations, as long as all flights are booked under one itinerary.
Tribune Online findings showed that as of 6.20 p.m., the materials had still not arrived the state capital for onward distribution to the affected local governments.
But from now onward, he added, public interest decisions would be taken in consultation with the citizens.
Onward Homes, formerly Hyndburn Homes, is bringing a new centralised call centre to its Lancashire headquarters on Enterprise Way - creating 40 full-time jobs.
The mills deputy director said that according to the policy of the mills management, sugarcane now onward would be purchased at Rs400.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 9, 2018-Thompson Street Capital Partners, Onward Capital Partner to Acquire Tech Manufacturing
Under the TRAIN schedule on personal income tax, people earning more than P250,000 but not more than P400,000 would be taxed 20 percent of the excess over P250,000 from 2018 to 2022, and 15 percent of the excess, from 2023 onward.
Abbas Ibrahim vowed to push onward in the fight against Israeli aggression and terrorists, in a video released Tuesday.
British Airways is introducing a new service called Premium Transfer Drive at Heathrow to ensure that customers who are at risk of missing their connection are able to catch their onward flight.