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The ontogeny and adult allometry of Pseudagnostus merit study because the genus persists across a Late Cambrian extinction boundary.
A new took at sporoderm ontogeny in Persea americana and the hidden side of development.
In this research, we have investigated the effects of electromagnetic fields on seeds germination, seedlings ontogeny, protein content changes and catalase activity in V.
Only later in the ontogeny of fruit walls and fruit stalks do pitted tracheary elements occur.
The genetic regulatory process in ontogeny and in adult forms is not yet understood fully, but its general outlines are emerging.
Within this six-section framework, Generative Medicine gives us the necessary prerequisite medical history, genetics, ontogeny, and some anthropology, too.
Human scapulae change shape throughout ontogeny in a significantly different manner than closely related apes," said Dr.
Taking Hodgson's social-scientific application of the concepts of ontogeny and phylogeny seriously, I will conclude that the idea of cultural evolution is perfectly compatible with the ideas of methodological individualism and spontaneous order.
They probably arise from totiopotent embryonic tissue that has been displaced during ontogeny (8).
Acute postnatal exposure to brominated diphenylether 47 delays neuromotor ontogeny and alters motor activity in mice.
I profile some of these striking cases and their importance for evolution and far understanding a broader epigenetic context for heredity and ontogeny (the emerging field of "evo-devo").
In the last chapter the authors have concluded that the studies in humans with GnRH deficiency and animal models with HH are unraveling the fascinating ontogeny of GnRH neurons and the last decade has witnessed discovery of a number of novel genes that are implicated in human GnRH deficiency.