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From a physiologist's point of view, some of the studies mentioned in this book were quite interesting; especially the phases through which yawning pass through during ontogenesis. The observation that yawning and limb movements, and period of mayoclonic twitching (against a background of muscle atonia) represent respectively sleep and wakefulness in foetal life stresses the role of yawning in arousal of developing foetal brain.
Valga como testimonio que buena parte de las ideas evolucionistas en las que se apoyaron algunos pioneros de nuestra disciplina (como, por ejemplo, la idea de la recapitulacion de Haeckel: "la ontogenesis es una reproduccion de lafilogenesis ") han resultado ser falsas (vease, por ejemplo, Morss, 1990, para un analisis pormenorizado).
En segundo lugar, esta disminucion podria estar afectando la ontogenesis de la neurotransmision excitadora, debido a que Gly ademas de ser coagonista de Glu en los receptores NMDA, al parecer tambien interviene en la regulacion de la expresion de estos ultimos (56).
The strategy is to take advantage of the earlier ages to activate, promote, and optimize neurobehavioral structures and processes which would remain underdeveloped due to adverse neurogenetic effects on the ontogenesis.
Alexey Zhirmunsky and Viktor Kuzmin [6] (1982) discovered process-independent scaling in the development stages of embryo-, morpho- and ontogenesis and in geological history.
Note that such a development would correspond rather closely to the historical development of intensifiers into reflexives as described by Konig and Siemund (1999) (though G explicitly denies a link between ontogenesis and phylogenesis on p.
Feeding of smelt (Osmeridae), in early ontogenesis in the Rybinsk Reservoir.