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Antonyms for onstage

situated or taking place on the area of a stage visible to the audience


on the stage


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Nada Nechadi, Project leader at Onstage International adds:
I've had nightmares about falling or forgetting my choreography onstage, followed by running offstage and crying my eyes out.
In "The Existential Actor: Life and Death Onstage and Off', actor, director of more than 150 productions, and theatrical teacher to a generation of students, Jeff Zinn draws upon his more than thirty years of experience and expertise to write "The Existential Actor: Life and Death Onstage and Off', a 232 page instruction manual that begins with the informative introduction "Four Elements: A new Theory for the Theater".
That being said, I understand the need for the stage to be more representative of the world we live in--I recognize that I am part of the privileged majority in this country, and while I may easily see myself onstage, I have not experienced the discrimination, oppression, and marginalization that so many others have.
Kaufman comedy, onstage through April 20 at Asolo Rep.
Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Jackson Rathbone speak onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday
His destiny controlled by an onstage audience even as the theatre's real audience also is a fictional audience.
But all this secrecy can't hide the fact that Sale, who is introduced onstage at the event, is becoming something of a celebrity himself.
This will help further nurture her passion for performing onstage in front of people and bring her closer to her next goal, attending a performing arts high school.
Jordan is reprising roles he originally played onstage in two shows, Sordid Lives (through April 2) and Southern Baptist Sissies (through April 23).
Both directors have used live, onstage cameras (it's something of a Castorf signature), and in his more polished, third performance, Meese proved to have digested those precedents.
For a long time, I felt like it was really emotionally liberating, and I could be more focused when I was onstage than I was in my normal, day-to-day life in school.
The only highlight was when she invited fans onstage and one lad bit her finger.
They've digested the manifestos and the diatribes, so what comes out onstage is a kind of humor that rewards you for your convictions but also disarms you of your humorless approach to them.