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Synonyms for onomatopoetic

imitating sounds

Synonyms for onomatopoetic

of or relating to or characterized by onomatopoeia


(of words) formed in imitation of a natural sound

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The [t] of clutching necessitates a complete silence, but gemination is convincing nevertheless, because of the onomatopoetic effect of that very silence.
1 There were other limiting factors to this sound change, such as expressives (onomatopoetics) in Tamil-Malayalam (see Annamalai 1968) and other changes in Telugu.
New Onomatopoetic Heights The January 8 2000 New York Times obituary for this popular cartoonist for Mad Magazine stated that he "elevated comic book sound effect to new onomatopoeic heights.
The language zips, skitters, clonks, biffs, staggers, and screeches, and the sheer variety of its verbs and onomatopoetic language sets a breakneck pace, giving the story the feel of a 1930s screwball comedy.
1788) and identifies three approaches to musical expression: onomatopoetic mimetic musical gestures, musical topics, and literal musical quotation.
Mesmer's magnetic therapy in the Finale of Act I, where onomatopoetic trills highlight the words "mesmerica" [??] and Francia [??].
The poetic language is filled with symbols and original metaphors and attention is paid to the sound of the language through the use of many homonyms and onomatopoetic words.
Balbin comments on the eschewing of all physical and chronological location in the poem and, stylistically, the onomatopoetic imitation of sighs by the "s" sound of the first line ("Dos rimas becquerianas" 33, 35).
In addition to the verbal messages of the source texts, onomatopoetic expressions were also modified.
To figure artistry as nagging is typical Knotty bathos: it is recuperated by the wit involved in deriving the pejorative verb for verbal action (nagged) from a pejorative synonym of the noun horse, nag, which probably derives from the onomatopoetic neigh.
Lecce-Chong beautifully elicited the onomatopoetic orchestral colors of the score.
During those college years I named my love "Cookamunga Wilderness," because the more I loved him, the more he was transformed into an onomatopoetic wilderness of desire.
Apart from visual effects, the rhetoricians and commentators also point to acoustic effects, which are for instance created by onomatopoetic words that mimetically suggest the sounds of the action described.
Tenders are invited for Alimentary tract and metabolism blood and onomatopoetic organs for, cardiovascular system.
Nominally, Klang is the onomatopoetic, literally clangorous German word for "sound." For Stockhausen, Klang became the "mystical voice from the beyond, which accompanies the voice of the conscience--in German, die Stimme des Gewissens." (2) The composer explained to Derks that the pieces, although bearing the sequential subtitles 1.