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the branch of lexicology that studies the forms and origins of proper names

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The relevance of suitable onomastic formation can be quickly determined via the analysis of the operations by which the particular names selected by the author function, within a literary text, develop discernable thematic arrangements.
I discuss the subtle silences of Ovid's Marsyas episode, including the legacy of obscuring Apollo's irrational behavior, in Siobanu, 'Body Disruption, Onomastic Riddles and the Challenge to Identity and/as Apollonian Rationality in Ovid's Story of Marsyas'.
6 In these cases one of the onomastic strategies adopted by the bearers of such names is to modify them change them (as in the case of slaves)7 or adopt alternative names for external use as boys of Indian ethnic origin use in South Africa.
1) As the onomastic data of the PTRs have not been studied for this purpose before, their investigation will update our knowledge of ME dialect distribution, and may also show previously unknown patterns at a date for which a wealth of surname evidence has not been widely available in the past.
The names "Leutgeb" and "Leitgeb" bear no onomastic difference and are completely exchangeable.
The entries provide (as appropriate) the usual spelling, acronym, part of speech, status, usual pronunciation, alternative plural or singular form, etymology, onomastic, synonym, meaning, alternative forms used as other parts of speech, an example of use, and a list of antonyms.
Williams also uses his onomastic magic to discredit the religious hypocrites attacking Mother.
The English example, of course, is rather banal, although it does indicate reasonably sophisticated linguistic thought, the ability to connect the onomastic element ead- with parallel adjective eadig.
Apart from an editorial introduction and a final onomastic and conceptual index, Modernism, Postmodernism, and the Short Story in English comprises nine essays thoughtfully organised into four parts, plus an initial discussion by the editor in which he summarily deals with the vast topics--the early theories of the genre, the Modernist notions of autonomy, subjectivity, and fragmentation, the anti-representational semiotics of Postmodernism, the reinstatement of political issues in the Postmodernist agenda, etc.
Calinescu or Morometii and Intrusul ("The Outsider") by Marin Preda, an entire onomastic treasure awaits recapitalization also in the cultural anthropology area as an asset that must be protected.
The preface by historian Lucien-Rene Abenon makes clear that the book's onomastic study of African names reflects the collaborative expertise of the two authors, with Durand working patiently through the registers and Logossah contributing his knowledge of "the science of African languages" (NA, p.
The onomastic implications of these names point to the range of dreams that the combatants hope for in the new nation.
And the usefulness of the book is enhanced by onomastic and thematic indexes.
and a suitable onomastic story has been invented to account for it.
This is particularly true of the arguments in chapter 3, an exploration of power relations wrapped around the onomastic nucleus of the name "Pirro," one, Ascoli maintains, that deliberately recalls that of the Roman general Pyrrhus, whose name has long been a byword for the paradox of a victory that is a defeat.